Anti-Virus Programs


Anti-Virus Programs

Nowadays there are many anti-virus software available in the market, which you can buy and install on your computer. Norton Anti-Virus is a popular software. But anti-virus software available in the market are often expensive. You can also download many useful anti-virus software from the internet. Here we will discuss some of the popular anti-virus software which you can download for free from the internet.

1. Avira Anti-Virus (AVIRA-Antivirus) - Avira (AVIRA) has the ability to scan 30 different types of viruses and Trojan horses. Once found, you can decide whether you want to delete or repair the corrupted files. You can download Avira from its website

2. AVG Free - AVG Free is a well-known rescue tool. Using it is very simple. Due to its small size, this software neither occupies much space nor slows down the speed of your computer. Its ability to find viruses has made it very popular among computer users spread across the world.
You can download this software from

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