Metadata in data mining



Metadata is simply defined as data about data. The data that is used to represent other data is known as metadata. In data warehousing, metadata is one of the essential aspects.

We can define metadata as follows:
a) Metadata is the road-map to a data warehouse.
b) Metadata in a data warehouse defines the warehouse objects.
c) Metadata acts as a directory. This directory helps the decision support system to locate the contents of a data warehouse.
In a data warehouse, we create metadata for the data names and definitions of a given data warehouse. Along with this metadata, additional metadata is also created for time-stamping any extracted data, the source of extracted data.

Why is metadata necessary in a data warehouse
a) First, it acts as the glue that links all parts of the data warehouses.
b) Next, it provides information about the contents and structures to the developers.
c) Finally, it opens the doors to the end-users and makes the contents recognizable in their terms.

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