Precautions to be taken while connecting through internet


Precautions to be taken while connecting through internet

As we read, through internet we can connect with people spread all over the world and put our point of view in front of everyone. But it is necessary to take some precautions while connecting with people through internet, so that no one can misuse your personal information. Profiles created by you in blogs and social networking sites can be viewed by not only your friends, but also by strangers in limited or unlimited form. Obviously you would not want your personal information to fall into the wrong hands and cause you any loss. To avoid such possibilities, take the following precautions -

1. Don't give personal information - Don't give personal information, which can be misused, like your phone number, home address, office address, etc.

2. Limit the number of visitors and friends Almost all websites have a 'Privacy Settings' option - from which you can determine who can see your profile, the information given in it, your photos, messages etc. Make sure that only friends you know can see personal information about you and your detailed profile.

3. Make new friends with caution - Be careful with strangers and new friends. Whenever someone sends you a friend request, go through that person's profile carefully. If you don't know him or have any doubts about his profile, decline the request. Nowadays these sites are also being misused to get information about people and spread computer viruses.

4. Be careful in writing articles, comments and anything in the web, through blogs you can share your thoughts with others. Remember, even a single word written on the web can be read by millions of readers spread across the globe. That's why write only that, which does not harm you if it is read by many readers. Avoid making any controversial comments. You can correct your mistake later by deleting the article or comment, but by then it will have been read by many readers. So, be forewarned.

5. Be careful while posting your pictures, you would never want your pictures to be misused. To avoid this, always add low resolution images only. Along with this, limit the number of people who can see your pictures to your close friends through 'Privacy Settings'.

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